Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to build financial wealth for our clients so that they have enough money to finance their purpose in life. We believe that living with purpose is the truest and straightest line to health and happiness.

Gao Management LLC focuses on long term US markets , and its primary investment vehicles will be real estate investments, and also securities of small and mid-capitalization companies and occasionally other funds, public companies, and private equity. The Company’s financial goal is to generate outstanding returns on a rolling 12-month time horizon using fundamental and technical research across multiple industry sectors that creates an edge of insight and factual information. Once such information is obtained, the Company will determine if the information has put a company or industry in a position to achieve success. Companies showing strong attributes will be considered for trading. Investment manager will use proven strategies¬† developed over years from experience and experimental research.¬†¬† We are result orientated and focuses on achieving returns that consistently beat the S&P benchmark.